The Battle Against Diabetes – Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips

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Though advance developments have been in progress to learn any promising solution to diabetes, a genuine solid treatment is still out of the horizon. Diabetes is the injury of the glucose cyclic pattern in the body causing major changes in the metabolism of the body. However, the use of diabetic test strips to evaluate your current condition is still necessary.

Most diabetics wrap up with loads of spare boxes of test strips they do not need. This happens for diverse reasons. Sometimes they have to try different brands and meters prior to finding one that works best for them. Perhaps, they are testing less times every day. There is also circumstance where a loved one has passed and he has numerous boxes of unused test strips.

In spite of of the basis it seems silly and wasteful to just throw absolutely good boxes in the garbage. Instead of putting them on the trash, people can actually make some money by selling extra test strips that are still in good condition.

Is it ok to sell these boxes? Well, as long as you are the lawful owner you can do whatever you want with them. It is legal and you can sell it if you want. Diabetic test strips can be bought by anyone over the counter. You don’t even need to be a diabetic to sell your extra boxes of perfectly good test strips. There are actually buyers who will be more than happy to purchase them in exchange of money. The ultimate reason why you cannot sell your test strips even if they are yours is when they have been provided through Medicare or Medicaid.

There are several qualities you may need to consider to tell that your diabetes test strips are good stuff. It should be factory sealed and not yet opened. You should also look on their expiration date since they should have 90 days prior to be expired. The state of the boxes also speaks if you can vend them and how much you can get out of them. Scratched and ripped boxes will not bring the same amount of money as ones in new condition.

In cases wherein a prescription label is attached to the box, you don’t have to remove it. You can still trade your boxes provided that you have crossed out the label. Diabetic test strips buyers know how to remove that without destroying the boxes.

Today, there are two common tastes of test strips boxes in the market, retail and mail order. The two boxes contain same strips and only vary in color and style. Once you have received mail order boxes, you will notice messages like “not for retail sale or “mail order only”.

Fairly enough, most buyers of unused diabetic test strips may also require seller for 5 boxes up for every transaction. However, there are also buyers who don’t have this kind of amount limitation when purchasing the stuff. The prices also differ based on the brand and the number of strips containing in a box. To see the brands of test strips you can buy or sell, visit now.

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The Battle Against Diabetes – Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips

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This article was published on 2011/11/07