Improving Fitness With Boxing

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Of the myriad of sports options available for people to participate in, boxing is perhaps one of the more unique experiences available. A great many sports feature team based play and interaction, and they stress that the player learn a specific set of roles that will benefit the team as a whole.

Boxing is different because aside from the interactions with trainers, coaches, and other support people, the experience is a solo one that encourages the individual to become better at the sport through rigorous training and self discipline. When it comes time for an actual match, the individual is left to their own devices as they are pitted against an opponent that is entirely focused on defeating them in simulated combat.

It is therefore important to note that this option is not for everyone. It is appealing to a specific subset of the population, who are comfortable being left to their own devices, and who have the willpower to train and become more efficient in heir engagements.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, boxing is a competitive activity that pits two opponents against each other in a roped off ring, wearing little protective gear besides a flexible helmet, mouth guard, and gloves. The opponents are expected to defeat their opponent by punching them and wearing them down over time, until one participant is either too tired or worn down to get up from the ground after being knocked down.

Boxing is strictly regulated, and has a disciplined regimen of rules and guidelines that govern fights. There also is always a referee that watches the match from close proximity, to enforce the rules and make sure that neither participant is seriously hurt in the encounter.

Before the match ensues, participants are usually weighed and classified so that fights are fairly even affairs between similarly sized and skilled people. This matching process is to keep things even and provide a challenging experience that is not a foregone conclusion.

Boxing has a strenuous series of requirements that people must meet before their fights. Along with being a specific weight that keeps them within a certain classification, participants are expected train and practice extensively, with the investment of preparation time far outweighing the length of the actual fight.

This training and conditioning period is a strenuous one, with the boxer usually being aided by a coach or trainer who assists in determining the ideal regimen that should be undertaken. Special attention is paid to technique and survivability, essentially the ability to take hits and feel pain and continue fighting.

Boxing provides many physical benefits to those who choose to be involved in the sport. Many areas become improved as a direct result, including endurance, stamina, explosive power, strength, and coordination.

Endurance is built as people engage in the sport because of the long nature of the matches. Matches are determined either by scoring or by knockout, so the individual is expected to go at full force for extended periods of time, with little time allotted for rest and recuperation.

Strength is also built as training and fights are undergone. Participants are expected to clash with an opponent of similar size giving their all, so strength increases are an inevitable part of the process.

The arms are strengthened as punches are thrown, and conditioning activities such as pushups, pull-ups, and weight training are incorporated into the routine, all in the effort to build speed and strength to give the athlete the competitive edge. This strengthening also extends to all other muscle groups from the legs to the core, as they are all exercised simultaneously during the fitness regimen.

Boxing provides discipline and confidence as athletes gain mastery over their bodies and finds the courage to engage others in physical conflict. This discipline also improves elf confidence and self image as athletes interact with each other and pushes the limits farther than they previously though possible.

Boxing is an excellent way to improve overall fitness levels, as well as providing a unique social experience that will build confidence and self image. The conditioning that is required, coupled with courage to engage others in such a physical activity, will ensure that the experience is a positive one that changes some of the individual's traits for the better as they further pursue the activity.
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Improving Fitness With Boxing

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This article was published on 2010/12/10