Are You a Boxing Expert? Test Yourself

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Everybody is now familiar with the idea of trivia, especially since the emergence of wildly popular game shows that are based on it. Specifically, sports trivia has a huge following.

Within the category of sports trivia, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. are generally the most commonly discussed and you can find the greatest amount of facts relating to these sports. But, what about other sports? What about the rest of us who are enthusiasts of the less popular games?

Well, in this article, I'm going to cover sports trivia as it relates to the sport of boxing. Although boxing is very popular in the USA, it has less of a following around other parts of the world. Still, if you're looking for facts about the sport of boxing, then read this article.

  •  Mike Tyson always wears black trunks during his boxing matches in order to show respect for the passing of his dear trainer, Cus d'Amato.
  • Johnny was the first person who came up with the technique now called "The Scotch Woop".  This technique is performed by bouncing ones body against the ropes of the ring and then striking at the opponent with the added momentum coming from the ropes tension.
  • Sam Russell, during the match he refereed between Johnny Curley and Joe Fox, got his face smacked and glasses broken by a wild punch in the first round. Unable to find any replacement glasses that worked for his eyes, he postponed the match, which caused a crowd riot. Frightened, Sam Russell hid under the boxing ring and announced the night's results from there.
  • The youngest boxing world champion in history is Wilfred Benitez who won his first Light Welterweight championship in 1976 at age 17.
  • The person who won the World Championship at the oldest age is George Foreman.
  • Lamark Clark holds the record for delivering the most consecutive KO's at 44.
  • Joe Louis holds the record for remaining the world champion for the longest period of time at 11 years and 7 months.
  • Hal Bagwell is the boxer with the record for the most consecutive boxing matches without a loss. His record lasted from 1938-1948 where he fought 180 fights, won 175 times, drew twice and fought three no decisions.
You see what I mean? There is tons of great trivia about sports that are less in the spotlight of the world. You can find lots of great trivia about boxing; here I have just given you a taste of what is available. If you already knew all of this trivia, you might have some room to call yourself a boxing trivia expert.

I hope that you learned something new here and that you will share this trivia with friends and family.

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Are You a Boxing Expert? Test Yourself

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This article was published on 2010/04/01